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June 2018

A word from the CiA Managing Director

As you may know, since June I am retired officially. I handed over my duty as CEO of the CiA GmbH to Reiner Zitzmann. I am still elected as CiA Managing Director until spring 2019. Additionally, I am nominated as convener of two ISO working groups, ISO TC22 SC31 WG3 (all in-vehicle networks) and WG4 (network applications including ISO 11992 and ISO 16844 series) and I also will continue to participate in the J1939 committee meetings. I am also the ISO TC22 SC31 liaison officer for ISO TC23 SC19, which is responsible for the ISO 11783 series.

From July, I will also continue to be the editor-in-chief for the CAN Newsletter magazine and its CAN Newsletter Online sister publication until end of 2019.


CiA-provided education and training (save the dates)

Seminars in German language:

CAN FD technology days:

CiA organizes CAN FD technology days in English language. The events inform on latest developments in CAN FD-based networking in:

For further information and registration please write to events(at) Additionally, CiA’s webinars provide updates on CAN FD technology. If you like to request CAN FD events closer to your office, please inform us by email. CiA Business Committee will consider them for its 2019 business plan.

June issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine

The June issue provides some articles about applications, device developments, system design issues, and continues the CAN security article series. Here you can download the publication in PDF format as a whole or article-wise.

International standardization

  • ISO 16845-2 (conformance test plan for ISO 11898-2:2016)
    This standard has passed successfully the last ballot. The document is under publication and will be available very soon.
  • ISO 15765-5 (in-vehicle gateway to diagnostic tools)
    Besides Classical CAN, this standard will support CAN FD, too. It is still under development, but will be submitted for DIS (draft international standard) balloting, soon. The ISO 20900-2 tool interface standard will reference it, which is also under development.

For further information or any other question on international standardization please write to standard(at)

CAN FD in-house seminars

For those who like to start CAN FD developments and like to learn more about device and network design recommendations may contact CiA to negotiate the options of an in-house seminar. Please write to events(at)

Open-source USB dongles

The CAN Newsletter Online published some information about open-source USB-to-CAN devices. If you know other open-source projects, which we have not reported about, please send an email to pr(at)

Calling for authors and press releases

The CAN Newsletter magazine editors and its readers are “hungry” on technical article in depth. If you like to submit an article please write to pr(at) Of course, press releases are also welcome.

In the pipeline: Industrial MCUs with on-chip CAN FD modules

Up to now, many MCUs dedicated for automotive applications provide on-chip CAN FD modules. The number of the industrial MCUs supporting CAN FD is still limited. In the next month more “simple” MCUs with CAN FD will be launched. CANopen FD protocol stacks are already available by several suppliers.

Good to know: CANopen FD provides an improved error history

The error history function in the CiA 301 Classic CANopen specification has some weaknesses. The CiA 1301 CANopen FD specification overcomes them. In the September issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine, we will report this topic.

CAN FD roadshow

CiA’s Chinese CAN FD roadshow informed around 550 engineers about CAN FD technology in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xi-an, Zhengzhou, and Beijing in May. HMS/Ixxat, Hongke/Peak, Microchip, and ZLG sponsored it. These events were better participated than those in Europe and North America. It seems that China’s industries have understood the lesson: Try to be one step ahead.

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