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May 2019

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The construction and mining machine industry is conservative. At the market-leading Bauma 2019 tradeshow, which is held all three years in Munich (Bauma), the trend using CAN-based networks was unchanged. Several CiA members presented their CANopen host controllers with functional safety features. Sensor vendors exhibited the corresponding safety products featuring CANopen Safety interfaces compliant with EN 50325-5.

I have not noticed CANopen FD products dedicated for construction and mining machines. The OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) still prefer to use multiple CANopen network segments instead of the more bandwidth providing CANopen FD approach. The most sophisticated host controllers come with up to eight CANopen/J1939 ports. As I said, this industry is conservative and likes to stay with a proven technology for years.

OEMs of smaller machinery are looking to CANopen as the next control system architecture. In the past, they used mainly discrete connected sensors and actuators. Next generation seems to be a decentralized control system based on CANopen or J1939.

In order to achieve a similar degree of interoperability for J1939 sensors, CiA is calling for experts. It is intended to standardize parameter groups for encoders and inclinometers. Interested parties may contact CiA office by email secretary(at)


CAN XL makes progress

The Special Interest Group (SIG) CAN XL has established two Task Forces (TF): “Physical layer” and “Higher-layer functions”. Both TF´s have been inaugurated and have started to discuss technical issues. The meetings are well attended by experts from automakers as well as Tier1 suppliers and chipmakers. A CiA membership is required to participate regularly in the CAN XL meetings.

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CiA 422 is standardized in EN 16815

CEN, a European standardization body, has released the EN 16815 standard. It contains the CiA 422 application profile for refuse-collecting vehicles. This CANopen profile specification is also known as CleANopen. The European standard complies with the CiA 422 version 2.0. It has been implemented by several CiA members and is already used by some OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). The application profile specifies interface for bin lift, compaction, measuring, washing, and other units.

Inclinometer: CANopen conformance tested

Rieker’s Flex H6 digital inclinometer has passed successfully the CiA 301 conformance test in the CiA test laboratory. The IP68-rated tilt sensor operates from -40 °C to + 85 °C. The single- or two-axis sensor can be mounted horizontally (tabletop and ceiling) as well as vertically. The US-company located in Aston (PA) offers also a configuration tool to customize the inclinometers.

Foot pedal: To be introduced in CiA 401-2

At Bauma 2019, CiA was requested to improve the CiA 401-2 profile regarding the description of foot pedals. In principle, they are like one-dimensional joysticks. CiA calls for experts. Interested parties should contact secretary(at)

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