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May 2020

A word from the CiA Managing Director

In April, I was three weeks in home leave (vacations from last year) and since ten days I am back in my home office. The difference is not that big: answering emails, participating in virtual meetings, editing and commenting specifications, writing articles, and contributing to social media, this is my daily business.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the CiA meetings take place virtually. The planned CiA technology days in Spain are now virtual events on May 18 (starting at 6:00 p.m. CEST) and May 26 (starting at 8:00 a.m. CEST). These four-hour online events update participants on CAN FD, CANopen FD, and CAN XL developments. They can be participated worldwide, not just by Spanish engineers. CiA plans further CAN technology days with other topics and guest speakers in the near future. We are committed to keep you informed. CiA provides also one-hour webinars to dedicated topics listed on CiA’s homepage.

Additionally, CiA office prepares “CiA’s event stage”. On this event list, you will find all CAN-related virtual fairs, online conferences, etc. Of course, also those organized by CiA will be listed. For more details, how to list your virtual event, please contact the CiA office.

For those, who need very detailed technical training, CiA offers online in-house seminars. They can be split into parts even on several days. Of course, the content can be customized.

You see, even in times of Corona you can still update yourself and your staff on CAN technology. CiA provides several options to communicate from home office to home office.

I hope the Sars-CoV-2 virus has not infected you and your families. CiA is very concerned to protect its employees, members, and customers. We take any possible measure. Social distancing is one of the most important one.


iCC proceedings on purchase

CiA has postponed the iCC 2020. But the information is not lost: The iCC proceedings are available from CiA office. They contain all 22 papers and the keynote speech. With this income of the iCC proceedings sales, CiA hopes to compensate some of the costs caused by the event’s postponing. The conference is planned now for 2021 with updated papers.

New version of the J1939DA digital annex

SAE International has released an updated version of the J1939DA digital annex containing most of the Parameter Group (PG) and Suspect Parameter (SP) specifications. Normally, new versions are published quarterly. They are included in the annual J1939 subscription.

IEC 62228-3 updated

End of 2019, IEC has released a new edition for EMC evaluation of CAN transceivers. This standard specifies tests for ICs compliant with ISO 11898-2:2016. It includes tests for CAN FD transceivers. The standard is suitable for most carmakers to meet national and international (e.g. EU) regulations. A German version is available by DIN.

CAN Newsletter Online

  • Fighting against the coronavirus
    The robots by UVD robots (Denmark) are deployed in hospitals to disinfect rooms and equipment such as patient beds. They use embedded CAN networks.
CAN Newsletter magazine

The March 2020 issue includes an article about designing CAN FD networks with SIC transceivers. These transceivers are capable to suppress ringing.

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The June issue is under preparation, advertising is still possible. Please contact CiA office.

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