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November 2018

A word from the CiA Managing Director

Final sprint: We still will participate some events in this year. First of all, there is the SPS IPC Drives tradeshow in Nuremberg (hall 5-410). It is a home game. Nevertheless, we have to prepare the CANopen FD demonstrator using the first I/O modules. In addition, CiA will exhibit on its stand CANopen panels featuring CiA members’ products.

In the very same week, the Bauma China takes place in Shanghai (German pavilion in hall 2). It is another important event for the CAN community and we have to split our forces.

Because the CiA Technical Committee has re-structured its Interest Groups (IG), CiA office has to establish new groups. A few days ago, the IG CANopen FD has been inaugurated. It is responsible for all CANopen FD related specifications.

n December, CiA also plans to establish a Special Interest Group (SIG) for the next generation of CAN-based data link layer protocols featuring very large payloads (up to two or more KiB).


SIGs of IG CANopen FD

The IG CANopen FD is going to establish the following Special Interest Groups (SIG):

  • SIG Device description
  • SIG Testing
  • SIG Additional application layer functions

These SIGs will be inaugurated in online meetings beginning of November. The IG made some strategic decisions on CiA 1305 (LSS for CANopen FD), CiA 1311 (XML for CANopen FD), and CiA 1310-1 (CANopen FD conformance test plan). For example, it was decided to be compliant with the XML schema as defined in ISO 15745-2. Work drafts of these documents need to be updated by CiA office and distributed for comments before the end of the year.

For more information, please contact secretary(at)

CiA education and training in 2019

Although, the number of participants in our education and training events is decreasing, CiA office continues to provide company- and product-independent seminars and webinars. For newcomers, we will schedule dedicated seminars. In addition, we will also organize CAN FD in-depth seminars. Additionally, CiA will sponsor for its members free-of-charge CANopen FD seminars. CiA office will also continue monthly free-of-charge webinars providing an overview on several topics.

All these events will be referenced on CiA’s website and in this monthly email service.

Reviewed ISO 11992-1 to be released soon

The CAN-based truck-trailer point-to-point communication standardized in the ISO 11992 series uses a special physical layer. It is specified in ISO 11992-1. This standard has been reviewed and updated, so that it complies with the current transceiver chips. Unfortunately, there is only one implementation, which is still not available at the “open” market. On the other hand, European regulation references ISO 11992-1. This is politically, a strange situation.

First Cortex M0+ processors with on-chip CAN FD modules

Microchip offers the 48-MHz ATSAMC20E18A micro-controller featuring one CAN FD interface. Also, NXP provides 48-MHz Cortex-M0+ processors with one CAN FD port, the S32K116 and the 32K118. These components are suitable for a 40-MHz CAN clock, addressing low-price devices not needing a high computing power capability. Typical applications include sensors and small actuators.

CiA-provided education and training services (save the dates)

Webinars (free-of-charge):

  • 2018-11-08: CANopen FD (6:00 p.m. CET)
  • 2018-12-13: Functional safety and CAN FD (6:00 p.m. CET)

Webinar language is English.


Seminar language in Nuremberg is German; in Antwerp it is English.

For further information and registration please contact us.

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