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October 2018

A word from the CiA Managing Director

CiA is an international association committed to support CAN-interested persons all over the world regardless of their nation, location, language, religion, ethnic origin, or any other status. One of our publications services is the CAN Newsletter Online. It is online since 2012. Because we respect the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have changed the web analyzing software. Since June, we are using the GDPR-compliant Matomo software. In the last 4-month, we had about 148 000 visitors (USA 23,1 %, Germany 13,2 %, China 7,2 %, Norway 4,0 %, UK 3,6 %, India 3,1 %, and Canada 3,0 %). Of course, we do not count search engines. In average, the users visited three pages in about three minutes.

These figures are not that bad. If you like to promote your new product, the CAN Newsletter Online is a good opportunity to do so. The editors are waiting for your input. You also may consider advertising your products by means of banners. If you are interested please contact CiA office.


CAN EL with payloads of up to 4 KiB

Volkswagen has presented a new CAN-based protocol, CAN EL (Even Longer), in the ISO TC22 SC31 WG3 and in the CiA IG CAN FD. This approach uses a 32-bit arbitration field and supports payloads of up to 4 KiB (4096 byte). CiA will organize a workshop in October to discuss this data link layer protocol in more detail.

Interested parties may contact CiA office.

No excuses for not securing your CAN FD communication!

In the September issue, the CAN Newsletter magazine publishes the third part of an article series about CAN security. It summarizes some of the discussions at CiA’s security workshop and the inaugural meeting of CiA’s Interest Group (IG) “CAN cyber security”.

It can be downloaded free-of-charge as all other CAN Newsletter articles.

New layout of CAN Newsletter Online

Since beginning of September, the CAN Newsletter Online has new clothes. After five years, we changed the look and feel. The improvements include a better visibility of the CiA Product Guides and a highlighting of articles on the home page as well as the main category pages. This improved integration of our publications makes them more attractive for advertisers. We will continue this road and integrate also the CAN Newsletter magazine step-by-step into the CAN Newsletter Online.

For more information you may contact us.

J1939-22 integrates CiA 602-1

CiA and SAE have agreed to integrate the CiA 602-1 specification (Mapping of J1939 parameter groups to CAN FD frame) into the J1939-22 specification. J1939-22 also specifies a transport protocol based on CAN FD frames. Additionally, SAE develops the J1939-17 physical layer specification for CAN FD networks running at 500 kbit/s (arbitration phase) and 2 Mbit/s (data phase). Both SAE specifications are planned to be released beginning of next year. Interested parties may contact CiA office for more information. CiA intends to establish a Task Force for Commercial Vehicles supporting CiA staff, who attend the SAE J1939 committee meetings.

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