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September 2020

A word from the CiA Managing Director

In some application fields such as maritime electronics, devices need redundant CAN connectivity. Many years ago, CiA has developed a classic CANopen redundancy solution. It is specified in the CiA 302 series of additional CANopen application layer functions. With the introduction of CANopen FD a generic approach specifying a CAN device interface redundancy would be more suitable. A work draft proposal is already under preparation. This CAN interface redundancy for devices should be applicable for classic CANopen (CiA 301), CANopen FD (CiA 1301), and J1939 devices. Of course, additional application layer specific redundancy is necessary. For example, it should cover the redundancy of PDOs and the NMT messages (already known as Flying NMT “master” 1) in case of CANopen.

The CiA Interest Group (IG) safety and security is in the moment responsible for this project. It is calling for experts. Interested parties may contact secretary(at) Besides for maritime electronics, this approach is also suitable for other highly available network applications, which do have a safe state.

In ships and vessels communication networks controlling the engines need to be redundant to guarantee that in cases of collisions on one-side the ship is still maneuverable. There is also other maritime equipment for which marine classification societies request redundancy.

1 CiA writes politically not correct terms in quotation marks until ISO, IEC, and other standardization bodies have agreed on harmonized terms substituting the legacy ones.


SPS 2020 trade show cancelled

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mesago has cancelled the SPS trade show in Nuremberg (Germany). CiA considers participating in the SPS Connect virtual exhibition. Details will be provided in the next CIM issue.

Progress regarding CAN XL

CiA has established several technical groups specifying CAN XL, the third generation of CAN technology. In the last weeks, the terminology has been harmonized with ISO terms. Additionally, the PWM coding of the MICI (medium-independent CAN interface) has been agreed. It will be specified in CiA 610-1 (CAN XL data link layer) and CiA 610-3 (CAN SIC XL physical layer). The requirements for the physical connection between protocol controller and transceiver will be described in a third document, which is intended for device designers (CiA 610-5). The other two specifications address the chipmakers – the CAN XL controller and the CAN SIC XL transceiver suppliers.

CiA technology days online

The CANopen Lift technology days provide an overview and some details on the CiA 417 application profile for elevator control systems. The 4-hour online event reports the latest developments and gives an outlook to the future. There are two days scheduled on October 6 and October 9. For details and registration visit the CiA Product Guide.

CAN Newsletter Online

  • Finger joystick suitable for mobile machinery: The TRY120 series of miniature joysticks come with CANopen and J1939 connectivity. The installation depth is 26 mm.
Further July highlights of the CAN Newsletter Online:
CAN Newsletter magazine

The September issue features articles about security, developing devices for harsh environments, and designing physical CAN FD networks. Of course, there are more interesting articles. Here you can get an overview or download the complete magazine.

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CiA has 712 members (September 01, 2020).

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  • 2020-09-23: CAN (online seminar)
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The 4-hour seminars are in German language.

CiA technology days online

The 4-hour online events are in English language.

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