CiA technology days

CiA organizes technology days, to inform the CAN community on the current status of CAN-based networking. This is done in respect to specific application fields or regional industries. Current developments on CAN XL, CAN FD, Classical CAN, or CAN-based higher-layer protocols such as CANopen are covered.

Speakers are CAN experts; either representatives from CiA members or from CiA office. Besides getting news on CAN technology, the CiA technology days are a good opportunity to network with other CAN fellows.

In general, English is the conference language. But there are also CiA technology days provided in Chinese or Russian language, which focus on the CAN application fields and markets relevant for China respectively Russia.

CiA technology days are held online and as in-person events depending on the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Preliminary agendas


  • CAN XL motivation
  • CAN XL data link layer
  • CAN XL physical layer
  • CAN XL accompanying specifications
  • CAN XL standardization
Safety and Security

  • Overview on threads and existing security controls
  • CAN-based cybersecurity layer
  • Safety and CAN FD
  • High-available networking
CiA in action

Latest activities with regard to

  • CAN FD
  • CAN FD light
  • CAN XL
  • CANopen (FD)
  • Security
  • Redundancy
CiA in action (CN/RU)

  • Classical CAN in China/Russia (markets and trends)
  • Status of CAN FD and CAN XL
  • Status of CANopen (FD)
  • Status of J1939-based networking
  • CiA in China/Russia