CANopen FD technology day

This CiA technology day presents status and future of CANopen-FD-based networking. The speakers discuss the impacts of utilizing CAN FD. They introduce the embedded networking possibilities, offered by CANopen FD. They show, how CANopen FD meets the requirements of todays and tomorrows embedded networking. Furthermore, the speakers propose solutions, how the migration from classic CANopen to CANopen FD can be achieved.

Intended audience

Decision makers, device and system designers, assessing the applicability of CANopen FD in future.


  • Welcome & Introduction (Reiner Zitzmann, CiA)
  • CAN FD status & outlook (Reiner Zitzmann, CiA)
  • CANopen FD basics (Reiner Zitzmann, CiA)
  • Break (CiA services: Tobias Kammerer, CiA)
  • CANopen FD additional protocols (Oskar Kaplun, CiA)
  • CANopen FD device testing (Oskar Kaplun, CiA)
  • Migration to CANopen FD (Reiner Zitzmann, CiA)

* Subject to change without notice.


Participation is free-of-charge.


The presentations language is English.

Date Berlin (CET) Beijing (CST) Chicago (CST)
2021-09-30 13:00 19:00 06:00 Register now