Combined CAN and CANopen for newcomers

The seminar focuses on CAN CC(classic). In addition, the enhancements introduced in CAN FD and CAN XL are presented, in brief. Furthermore, the essential aspects of the CAN physical layer are discussed. The seminar is based on the current versions of ISO 11898-1 and -2.

In this web-based compact seminar, you learn the basic principles of CAN classic (CC) and CANopen (CC). The seminar focuses on CANopen CC (classic), as specified in CiA 301. Furthermore the seminar focuses on the CAN CC dataclink layer. Additionally, CANopen additional application layer functions as well as the basic principles of CiA profiles are discussed. The seminar enables you to select the right CANopen device for your applications, to integrate devices in a proper control application, or to design the intended CANopen device behavior. In addition, you are enabled to assess the possibilities and effort to introduce CANopen FD in your projects.

This web-based seminar provides in a compact format the contents of our well-known onsite CAN and CANopen (CC) seminars.


Date and Location

Date Location Berlin Language  
2024-06-19 Online 13:00-17:00 English  

Local time at CiA office, Nuremberg, Germany.


- CAN CC protocol
- CAN CC physical layer
- CANopen device architecture
- CANopen CC protocols
- CANopen profiles
- Future of CAN(open)

Target groups

- System integrators 
- Development engineers 
- Technical decision-makers


  Without German VAT With German VAT
Non-members EUR 350,00 EUR 416,00
CiA-members EUR 325,00 EUR 368,00

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