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CiA seminars: CAN- and CANopen-related educational training

These seminars for newcomers address development engineers, system designers, and technical decision-makers. Attendees receive basic information on CAN/CAN FD or CANopen. The seminars last about eight hours.

Upcoming seminars


CiA offers CiA members the possibility to take part in CiA seminars as a sponsor. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact CiA office.We are looking forward to organizing successful seminars together with you.

CiA webinars

These web-based seminars are aimed at people who want to receive some basic technical information on CAN FD, the impact of CAN FD on CAN-based higher-layer protocols (e.g. such as CANopen, J1939, etc.), latest trends in the physical layer design (e.g. CAN FD, ringing supression, partial networking, etc.) as well as system design aspects (e.g. CANopen FD, integration of CANopen in cloud applications, safety, etc.). The CiA webinar lasts 1 h (including 15 minutes of discussion, question and answer).

In-house seminars

In-house seminars are offered to companies with dedicated training requirements. The agenda of an in-house seminar is tailored to your company's specific needs. Any CAN-technology-related topic can be covered.