CiA webinars in Chinese

The 90-minute CiA webinars provide latest technical as well as market trends on CAN-based networking. They discuss the current status that is achieved on CAN-based networking as well as next steps with regard to market penetration and technical development (CAN XL). Additionally, status and near future of CAN FD-based higher-layer protocols such as CANopen FD are presented.

These webinars are intended for CAN users or decision makers from China. The CiA webinars are held in Chinese language or English language with Chinese translation.

Further information

  • Duration: ca. 90 minutes including ca. 15-minutes discussion, question, and answer.
  • The CiA webinar is not a seminar and therefore differs in pricing and content.


The participation is free-of-charge. To receive dial-in data, registration is obligatory.