Videos and proceedings of 17th iCC now available free of charge

The videos and proceedings of the international CAN Conference (iCC) 2020 are now available free of charge. The 23 papers can be downloaded from the website and the recorded videos can be watched on CAN in Automation’s (CiA) Youtube channel.

The nonprofit CAN in Automation (CiA) association has announced the free-of-charge availability of the video-recorded presentations of the 17th iCC on their Youtube channel. This includes all recorded iCC paper presentations as well as the accompanied open webinars (see links to playlists below). All 23 papers can be downloaded from CiA’s website. This way, anyone who missed the conference is still able to experience it.

In June 2021, the first digital international CAN Conference has closed its “windows”. It was the first time that CiA organized an online conference. On the four-day iCC, CAN experts talked about history, presence, and future of CAN. The moto was “From Classical CAN via CAN FD to CAN XL”. About 100 engineers from 35 companies attended this conference. Originally, the iCC was planned as two-day conference in Baden-Baden (Germany). However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was postponed.

Previous international CAN Conferences

The iCC is the one-of-a-kind platform for presentation of CAN developments. Experts from all over the world and from the most diversified application areas have met for years at this international event. The conference is unique in its target group and offers attendees the opportunity to become acquainted with the latest developments in CAN technology. It is also a platform for lecturing on CAN-based research and for exchanging experiences internationally with experts from related work fields.

During the last few years, a shift of focus has taken place from theoretical to practical and application-oriented. This is true for the speakers as well as for the visitors. Since 2012, another important topic has been added with CAN FD. However, speeches cover practical subjects, such as tools that tremendously simplify the integration of CAN into an application. Papers covering system design, testing, safety and security, or CANopen and CANopen FD as well are discussed vividly among the participants.

Most papers from previous iCCs can also be downloaded from CiA’s website via the above-mentioned link. Additionally, videos from the 14th as well as the 16th iCC are available free of charge on Youtube.