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  • CAN Newsletter Online

    This online publication is a unique source for CAN product- and service-related information. It is accompanied by the CiA Product Guides.
  • CiA Interest Group (IG) “CAN FD” calls for experts

    In the last meeting of the IG “CAN FD”, the experts decided to move the work on the documents of the CiA 601 series to task forces (TF).
  • CiA seminars go online

    We have scheduled several CAN 2020 webinars. These 3-session events will provide a look into the future of CAN technology.

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2017-09-19 Webinar English  Register now
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CiA assigns LIN Supplier ID

CiA has been appointed by ISO as the Registration Authority for the LIN Supplier ID. According to ISO 17987-3, every device implementing the LIN protocol needs to provide a supplier ID. More info: lin(at)can-cia.org.

CAN time-stamping standardized

The CiA 603 specification has been released. It defines the requirements for CAN network time management. This approach is compliant to the Autosar network time management. More info: headquarters(at)can-cia.org.

CiA 601-1 version 2.0

The CAN FD implementation guideline recommends how to design the physical layer interface for devices. Especially, recommendations for the symmetry and the transmitter delay are given. More info: headquarters(at)can-cia.org.

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If you are looking for CAN-related products, you could visit the CAN Newsletter Online and the CiA Product Guide. Both publications provide brief product information. The product guides are structured according to a nomenclature in order to make it as easy as possible to find the desired product information. The online magazine reports recently launched CAN products.

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