International standardization

CiA is committed to support international standardization. CiA staff participates in or observes the CAN-related standardization activities by IEC, ISO, or ITU respectively CEN or Cenelec. CiA is also committed to submit all of its specifications to international standardization bodies.

CiA 301 (CANopen application layer) is standardized as EN 50325-4 and CANopen Safety is standardized as EN 50325-5. The CiA 422 CANopen application profile for refuse collecting vehicles has been released in 2016 by CEN as Technical Report (EN TR 16851). The CiA 407 CANopen profile for passenger information systems is published in the EN TR 13149 series. Parts of the CiA 443 CANopen profile for SIIS level-2 devices are standardized in ISO 13628-6. The CiA 443 profile for subsea applications has been developed jointly with SIIS members.

The CiA 402 CANopen profile for drives and motion controllers is part of the IEC 61800-7 series (sub-parts -201 and -301). The use of CANopen (CiA 301 and CiA 302-2) in rail vehicles is standardized in 61375-3-3. IEC has adapted also parts of the CiA 454 CANopen application profile for energy management systems in the IEC 61851 series to be released as Technical Report.