All-about automation fairs

In Germany, the all-about automation fairs take place in Essen (Sept. 9 + 10) and in Chemnitz (Sept. 23 + 24). CiA gives speeches about “Migration from CANopen to CANopen FD” in German language.

Construction machines conference

The University of Dresden organizes the “8. Fachtagung Baumaschinentechnik” on October 1 and 2. CiA presents a paper on the future of CAN.

SPS 2020 goes all-virtual

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions and other fundamental changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the SPS 2020 will take place only in virtual form as SPS Connect.

Still just online CiA seminars

The CAN and CANopen seminars scheduled for September and October are virtual meetings. The still increasing number of new Covid-19 infections delays the carrying out of face-to-face seminars.

CiA 418 and CiA 419

The CANopen profiles for batteries and chargers are under systematic review. Until October 1, CiA office collects comments and new function requests (secretary(at)

Call for experts

CiA intends to develop a generic dual bus-line redundancy concept, which is independent of higher-layer protocols such as CANopen and J1939. Parties interested in participation or in more details contact (secretary(at)

Harmonized transceiver naming

CiA has agreed on names for two transceiver approaches: CAN SIC transceiver and CAN SIC XL transceiver. Recommended are the terms CAN high-speed and CAN FD transceivers for two other technologies.

Board of directors re-elected

In its first online meeting, the CiA general assembly has re-elected the CiA board of directors (Uwe Koppe, Technical Director; Christian Schlegel, Business Director, and Holger Zeltwanger, Managing Director). The accepted budget for 2020 will be adjusted depending on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

CiA BC and CiA TC

During the online CiA general assembly (GA), the members of the CiA business committee (BC) and the CiA technical committee (TC) have been re-elected. The GA also excluded some companies from the member list due to not paid fees for 2019.

CiA webinar on J1939-22

The 1-hour webinar on July 8 provides an overview on CANopen FD networks using the J1939-22 application layer.