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CiA® services

CAN in Automation also provides services for non-members. These are publications, conferences, seminars, and testing of CANopen devices. Of course, CiA members benefit from lower prices.


CAN in Automation (CiA)
Kontumazgarten 3
DE-90429 Nuremberg

Tel.: +49-911-928819-0
Fax: +49-911-928819-79
E-Mail: headquarters(at)can-cia.org

CiA publications

Since 1992, the CAN Newsletter magazine has been published quarterly. The CiA website and online CiA Product Guide are important sources of CAN knowledge. Since 2012, the CAN Newsletter Online has been available.
All CiA publications are highly hyperlinked and are the place to go for comprehensive information on CAN. With the CAN Info Mail (CIM) readers and users can easily stay up-to-date regarding CAN.

CiA conferences

CiA conferences are unique platforms to meet CAN experts from all over the world to exchange experiences and to discuss the latest developments in CAN technology. From the beginning the international CAN Conference (iCC) has been a unique opportunity to update CAN knowledge and to learn from the experiences of others.

The program of the iCC usually covers a broad range of topics and offers a good overview of the state of CAN technology. The international Mobile Machine Control (MMC) conference targets experts in mobile machine control. CAN FD Tech Days inform participants on the status of developments in the technical working groups for best practice recommendations and application notes. Another topic is the progress in transferring the CAN FD specification to the different application environments.  

Conferences on other special topics might follow from time to time and on request.

To me there has never been a higher source of earthly honor or distinction than that, connected with advances in science.

Isaac Newton (1642–1727), mathematician

CiA seminars

Since 1992 CiA has offered valuable seminars. In order to meet everyone's demand, CiA offers a broad range of CAN-related seminars. These seminars are characterized by the fact that they are device- and manufacturer-independent.

CiA engineers have long experience in teaching CAN-related topics. In 22 years far more than 1000 seminars and workshops have been performed.

CiA test center

The CiA test center provides several services to assess the validity of CANopen devices. First of all, there is the CANopen conformance test tool. It implements the CiA 310 CANopen application layer conformance test plan. The tool is available free-of-charge for CiA members. It is also used for the CANopen conformance testing by the CiA test center.

CiA marketing opportunities

CiA offers additional marketing opportunities in special editions in CiA publications such as posters, videos, etc.

CiA hotline

We are looking forward to assisting you in case of CAN-related, technical or marketing-oriented questions. You can reach us by phone: +49-911-928819-0, email, or our social media channels. You can also negotiate an eMeeting, to discuss your issues with us, and together with your team.