Generic device profiles

CiA has developed several profiles, which are not related to dedicated application fields. Some of them are divided in parts providing a generic parameter specification and separated mappings to CANopen, CANopen FD, or other higher-layer protocols. Historically, most of the generic device profiles support just classic CANopen as specified in CiA 301.

The following generic device profiles have been developed:

  • CiA 401 series: CANopen profile for I/O device
  • CiA 402 series: Device profile for drives and motion control
  • CiA 404 series: CANopen device profile for measuring devices and closed-loop controllers
  • CiA 406 series: Device profile for encoders
  • CiA 408 series: Device profile for fluid power technology
  • CiA 410 series: Device profile for inclinometers
  • CiA 418: CANopen device profile for battery modules
  • CiA 419: CANopen device profile for battery chargers
  • CiA 442: CANopen device profile for IEC 61915-2 compatible motor starters
  • CiA 445: CANopen profile for RFID devices
  • CiA 450: CANopen device profile for pumps
  • CiA 452: CANopen device profile for PLCopen motion control
  • CiA 458: CANopen device profile for energy measurements
  • CiA 462: CANopen profile for item detection devices