CAN 2020 in China

CiA supported by Kvaser and ZLG organized one-day information events in Shanghai, Liuzhou, and Guangzhou.

The events introduced the CAN FD data link layer and the CAN FD physical layer to Chinese industries, in particular the automotive OEMs and their suppliers. About 40 engineers listened to the presentations in each of the locations. CiA provided also first information of CANopen FD and CiA 602-2 (mapping of SAE J1939 to CAN FD). CiA had organized similar events also in Europe in different locations. CiA members (e.g. Emtas, Infineon, and Microcontrol) supported them with speakers.

Next year, CiA will provide CAN 2020 webinars. The content will be split into 60-min sessions. These live events will be scheduled for European and Asian participants (9:00 to 10:00, CET) as well as American attendees (10:00 to 11:00, CST). The planned topics include:

  • Introduction into the CAN FD data link layer protocol
  • Basic information about the CAN FD physical layer
  • Additional design recommendations for devices and networks (CiA 601 series)
  • Introduction into CANopen FD, especially the USDO protocol
  • CiA 602-2: Mapping J1939 to CAN FD
Registered participants can download the presentation slides in PDF format. To participant in these events, you need to lock-in to Webex. Participation is free-of-charge. Dates will be published beginning of 2017.