New motion control profile

With the introduction of CANopen FD, the PDO payload has been extended to 64 byte. This enables new drive functions, which are discussed in the SIG motion control.

The SIG (special interest group) motion control started already to specify a CiA motion control profile using 64-bit parameters (process data) for high-precision electrical drive applications. The CiA members in this group also intend to improve the finite state automata for the current CiA 402 profile specifications. Of course, backwards compatibility is an important issue. Nevertheless, new requirements should be satisfied. CANopen FD provides new communication capabilities, which should be considered and used. Some parties demand compatibility to PLCopen, too.

Introducing 64-bit process data for the current velocity mode for frequency inverters would make this mode very similar to the profile velocity mode of CiA 402. Also the interpolated position mode has nearly the same functionality as the cyclic synchronous position mode. Merging of modes would simplify the current CiA 402 profile. This are just a few ideas, how to change the current CiA profiles for electrical actuators.

All CiA members interested in this new standardization activity are invited to participate in the next SIG motion control meeting. If requested, CiA office will organize a workshop on this topic discussing the demands and wishes. Such an event will be also open for non-members.

If interested please contact CiA office at secretary(at)