CiA General Assembly

Every CiA member company has one vote in the CiA General Assembly. The CiA General Assembly elects the board of three directors. The Technical Director chairs the CiA Technical Committee, the Business Director chairs the CiA Business Committee, and the CiA Managing Director manages CiA Headquarters. The General Assembly also elects the members of the CiA Technical Committee and the CiA Business Committee.  

The regular CiA General Assembly takes place annually. An irregular CiA General Assembly may be convened by either the CiA Board of Directors or by the mutual consent of one quarter of CiA Members. Every CiA Member may speak on each agenda topic of the CiA General Assembly. The chairman of the CiA General Assembly, however, may restrict the speaking time of each CiA Member to five minutes per topic.

Elected members of the CiA Technical Committee are emtas, esd, Infineon, and HMS and for the Business Committee these are emtas, Janz Tec, Kaba Gallenschütz, MicroControl, and Spansion.