CiA 601-1 version 2.0

The CAN FD implementation guideline recommends how to design the physical layer interface for devices. Especially, recommendations for the symmetry... Read more

CiA 601-2 version 1.0

The CAN FD interface specification describes the host controller interface. This includes special modes, buffer organization, control and status lines... Read more

Minor corrections

CiA has released updated versions for CiA 402-2 (motion control profile) and CiA 422-2 as well as CiA 422-3 (CleANopen) correcting some editorial and... Read more

CiA 408 version 2.0.1

The CANopen profile for fluid power devices has been released as version 2.0.1. It is based on the bus-independent profile by VDMA, the German... Read more