Second issue of CMN

Employees of CiA member companies may subscribe to the new CiA Member News (CMN) email service. The second issue was just sent to the subscribers. If... Read more

CAN Info Mail

Since January, CiA sends monthly the CAN Info Mail to subscribers. This email service substitutes all general electronic mailings by CAN in... Read more

CANopen deeply embedded

Embedded networks are not really visible, but sometimes you see them like the top of an iceberg. Deeply embedded networks are often even invisible for... Read more

CiA respects new EU law

In May, the new European General Data Protection Regulation will be in power. This means, CiA is not allowed to send emails without dedicated... Read more

LSS for CANopen FD

After the release of the CANopen FD application layer (CiA 1301), CiA members started to update CiA 305 (LSS). Next meeting is scheduled for January... Read more