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CiA® publications - Media kit 2021

CiA publications provide technical information for component-, device-, and system designers as well as for decision makers. They are highly related to CAN technologies. In 2020, they reached readers in 130 countries.

Advertising in CiA’s publications

CiA offers several advertising opportunities for your CAN-related products and services:

  • Advertisements in the CAN Newsletter magazine and CAN Newsletter Online, also combined versions are possible
  • Banners in CAN Newsletter Online
  • Product entries in the CiA Product Guides, which are referenced in the CAN Newsletter Online and in the CAN Info Mail
  • Advertisements in special-purpose CiA publications such as posters, videos, etc.

Address the CAN community directly!

All CiA publications are hyperlinked to each other. This includes the CAN Newsletter Online, the CAN Newsletter magazine, the CiA Product Guides, the CiA email services and CiA’s social media channels.

Editor team Marketing team

We are looking forward to assisting you in finding the best marketing opportunity for your CAN-related products and services. Please feel free to contact our marketing team: publications(at)can-cia.org

CAN Newsletter magazine

The CAN Newsletter magazine (pdf) provides latest technical developments and application reports for CAN newcomers and CAN experts. Side notes provide service information such as abstracts, summaries, links, and brief company or technical background information

Issue 1/21 2/21 3/21 4/21
Publication date February 26 June 1 September 1 November 23
General topics Technical articles in depth, application stories, interviews, company profiles, technical application notes, background information, etc.
Closing date for editorials January 15 April 09 July 16 October 08
Closing date for ad orders January 29 May 07 August 06 October 22
Closing date for art work February 10 May 14 August 13 October 29

CAN Newsletter Online

The CAN Newsletter Online provides CAN-related news on products, services, and standardization. It also offers dossiers and features as well as editorial links to related articles or background information. Sponsored links to related products in the CiA Product Guides complete this.

CAN Newsletter magazine & CAN Newsletter Online advertisements

  CiA members Non-member
1/1 page, full color advertisement + skyscraper or headbanner
1 issue + 3-months banner 1.650,00 € 1.980,00 €
2 issue + 6-months banner 2.970,00 € 3.564,00 €
3 issues + 9-months bannner 4.332,00 € 5.197,00 €
4 issues + 12-months banner 5.610,00 € 6.732,00 €
  CiA members Non-member
1/2 page, full color advertisement horizontal or vertical + sidebanner
1 issue + 3-months banner 1.105,00 € 1.326,00 €
2 issue + 6-months banner 1.989,00 € 2.387,00 €
3 issues + 9-months bannner 2.900,00 € 3.480,00 €
4 issues + 12-months banner 3.757,00 € 4.508,00 €

CAN Newsletter Online banner advertisements

Category pages      Skyscraper (210 x 840 px.) in main or sub categories Headbanner (880 x 90 px.) in main or sub categories Sidebanner (210 x 210 px.) in main or sub categories
Duration CiA members Non-members CiA members Non-members CiA members Non-members
3 months 600,00 € 720,00 € 500,00 € 600,00 € 300,00 € 360,00 €
6 months 1.080,00 € 1.296,00 € 900,00 € 1.080,00 € 540,00 € 648,00 €
9 months 1.575,00 € 1.890,00 € 1.312,00 € 1.575,00 € 787,00 € 945,00 €
12 months 2.040,00 € 2.448,00 € 1.700,00 € 2.040,00 € 1.020,00 € 1.224,00 €
Start (home) page Skyscraper (210 x 840 px.) Headbanner (880 x 90 px.) Sidebanner (210 x 210 px.)
Duration CiA members Non-members CiA members Non-members CiA members Non-members
3 months 1.200,00 € 1.440,00 € 1.000,00 € 1.200,00 € 600,00 € 720,00 €

All rates are given in Euro excluding German VAT. Different combinations of advertisement and banner sizes are possible. Please contact us at publication@can-cia.org for your individual offer.

CiA Product Guides

CiA Product Guides list CAN, CANopen, respectively J1939 products andservices. Besides detailed technical descriptions, worldwide sales contacts aregiven. They are highly integrated into the CAN Newsletter Online and other CiApublications and marketing activities.

CANopen, CAN and J1939 CiA members Non-members Special rates
Each entry 250,00 € 500,00 € on request *
Combination with CANopen product panel on request * on request * on request *
Combination with CiA’s event stage 400,00 € 650,00 € on request *

* Price will be offered individually as soon as the trade shows will take place again.

CiA Product Guides entries run for one year from the date of publication. Withthe order confirmation you receive instructions on how to provide your materialfor your Product Guide entries

Further marketing opportunities

CiA offers additionally several event-driven opportunities to advertise your CAN-related products and services. This includes for example the CANopen and CANopen FD posters as well as CANopen product panels on CiA exhibition stands. Another opportunity is the CiA‘s event stage, where you can announce events such as seminars, in-house fairs, etc.

Poster by CiA

The clearly structured DIN A1 wall poster provides the important technical details on the message structures of CANopen and CANopen FD.

Further information on demand.

CiA‘s event stage

This platform is intended to help you presenting your event and meeting international partners.

Duration Price
1 month 150,00 €
1 to 3 months 200,00 €
3 to 12 months including one entry in CiA Product Guides 400,00 €