Free-of-charge preview videos of iCC

On CiA's Youtube channel you can watch the preview videos of all papers and webinars of the 17th international CAN Conference for free.

17th iCC videos

The international CAN Conference presentations and webinars have been recorded. When you have missed the conference, you can watch it after subscription. For details see here.

CiA’s CAN Info Mail

CiA’s monthly CAN Info Mail (CIM) email service can be subscribed free of charge. It keeps you updated regarding CAN technology and CiA activities.

CANopen FD on Youtube

CiA uploaded two new videos regarding CANopen FD on Youtube. You can also subscribe to our channel to stay updated.

CiA 401 update webinar

On July 6, a free-of-charge webinar regarding CiA 401 update takes place. This device profile series specifies the CANopen interface for modules with analog and digital inputs and outputs.

Upcoming online seminars in July

On July 7 and July 8 CAN and CANopen online seminars take place. The seminars focus on CAN principles, differences between Classical CAN and CAN FD, possibilities CAN communication offers, as well as basic CANopen principles as specified in CiA 301.

CAN XL plugfest

CiA has scheduled a plugfest for July 6. First CAN XL protocol implementations will be tested on interoperability. Participation is limited to CiA members.

CAN XL introduced

On the 17th iCC, CAN XL was officially introduced. The related CiA 610-1 protocol specification is running through the last quality check and will be released as Draft Specification Proposal (DSP) within the next weeks.

The 17th iCC has just started

The 17th international CAN Conference (iCC) just started. The iCC takes place from June 14 to June 17 as an online event. The motto is “From Classical CAN via CAN FD to CAN XL”.

CAN Newsletter for download

The June issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine is published. The focus is on classic CANopen and CANopen FD. But there are also articles about a CAN decoder tool, an comparison of Classical CAN, CAN FD, and Ethernet as well as other topics.