CiA technology days on CANopen FD

The online CiA technology days in July provide detailed information about CANopen FD. Presentation language is English. The participation is free-of-charge.

CiA has scheduled the next web-based CiA technology days. These events will take place July 6 respectively July 9. These CiA technology days provide an overview on status and future of CANopen FD technology. The CANopen FD application layer and communication profile is specified in the CiA 1301 document. There are also other specifications accompanying this specification such as the CiA 1302 series and CiA 1305 document. The four-hours online event gives an detailed introduction into the new features such as the USDO services and protocols. It shows also migration path options from classic CANopen networks to CANopen FD. CANopen FD is based on the CAN FD protocol, which allows bit-rates higher than 1 Mbit/s and features data frames with a payload up to 64 byte.

The event on July 6 starts at 6:00 p.m. (CEST) respectively at 8:00 a.m. (CEST) on July 9.

  • 15 min: Welcome (Reiner Zitzmann)
  • 30 min: CANopen FD introduction (Reiner Zitzmann)
  • 15 min: Break
  • 30 min: USDO protocol; details and applications (Reiner Zitzmann)
  • 30 min: Assignment of network-ID and node-ID (Yao Yao)
  • 15 min: Break
  • 30 min: CANopen FD start-up procedure (Oskar Kaplun)
  • 30 min: Migration path from classic CANopen to CANopen FD (Reiner Zitzmann)
  • 15 min: Break
  • 30 min: Network design recommendation (Yao Yao)
  • 30 min: Device description and conformance testing (Oskar Kaplun)

* Subject to change without notice.

The presentations language is English. The participation is free-of-charge. To receive dial-in data, registration is obligatory. Requests and registration by e-mail to events(at) or register online.