CiA® interoperability testing rules and regulations

Rules and regulations define CiA’s test policy to ensure the interoperability between devices implementing certain CANopen profile specification.

Scope and application

CAN in Automation e. V. authorizes and regulates interoperability testing. The CiA Interest Group (IG) CANopen is responsible for the CANopen interoperability test specification as well as the interoperability rules and regulations. The goal is to facilitate interoperability among CANopen devices from multiple vendors used in a specific CANopen application such as CANopen Lift. The interoperability rules and regulations apply to all CANopen devices successfully tested by CiA GmbH

Interoperability approval

  • The network integration and interoperability of the test devices shall be tested according to the current version of the interoperability test plan.
  • The devices under test shall perform all test cases successfully.
  • Test results are confidential between vendor and test laboratory. Only approved devices will be published on CiA’s website.
  • Devices shall only be marked as CANopen interoperable if they have passed the interoperability tests at CiA GmbH, and all interoperability test fees have been paid.
  • The right to mark devices as CANopen interoperable may be revoked upon notice of non-interoperability by CiA e. V.
  • The vendor is responsible to assure CANopen profile related PDO mapping.

Interoperability approval is only valid for the tested devices.