CANopen conformance test tool

The new CANopen conformance test tool (CTT) is available.

CiA members may download the software free-of-charge. After registration, they can use it to prove the conformity to the CiA 301 specification. It comes with some COTI driver software for dedicated hardware interfaces and runs on PCs under Windows. Non-members have to purchase the CTT. Who has bought the software in the last year get it free-of-charge. Other customers may update their software for a small amount. The new CANopen CTT complies with current CiA 301 application layer specification (version 4.2) and the related CiA 310 conformance test plan. The software is also the base of the CANopen conformance test. CiA performs those tests on behalf of CANopen device manufacturers. Additionally, CiA offers CANopen interoperability testing.