Beagle CAN cape

The CiA IG (interest group) open-source hardware, inaugurated at the beginning of July, has started to develop a Beagle CAN cape.

The cape will be based on the 64-pin STM32 micro-controller family. It will provide the CAN interface at one 9-pin Dsub connector. An optional connector will allow access to the CAN module on the Beagle Bone board. The PCB layout and all other necessary production documents and open-source software will be available free-of-charge at CiA’s website. Besides for prototyping, this open-source hardware will be suitable for research and academic projects as well as for low-volume applications with no special requirements. Due to the two-processor approach it could even be used for functional safety evaluation. Chairman of this IG is Robert Schwebel from Pengutronix. The first step will be to agree on the functionality. Therefore, CiA collects block diagram proposals until August 1. In the next IG telephone conference the submissions will be discussed and evaluated. The first hardware is planned for the EmbeddedWorld exhibition in February 2015. More information on the Beagle open-source hardware: Interested parties may contact CiA office for further information (headquarters(at)