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April 2019

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The Bauma exhibition in Munich (April 8 to 13) takes place every three years. It is the most important tradeshow for the construction and mining equipment industries. CiA participates with a joint booth in hall 2, stand 337. Co-exhibitors are ESD, E-T-A, Gemac, HMS Networks, Kvaser, Microcontrol, and Smart Control. Of course, there exhibit more CiA members with their own stands (CiA office provides a list on its stand).

In construction and mining machines, CAN-based networks are frequently used. CANopen and J1939 application layers have substituted widely proprietary solutions. Next step is the migration to CAN FD and the related application layers CANopen FD and J1939-22 (still under development). J1939-22 comprises the multi-PDU concept as specified in CiA 602-2.

If you like to discuss the opportunities of CAN FD based communication, CiA staff appreciates to welcome you on CiA’s Bauma stand. We also would like to negotiate with machine builders the need of dedicated profile specifications for construction and mining machines. There is already some standardization of body application units (e.g. truck-mounted cranes) for commercial vehicles, which could be adapted by other kind of cranes.


PGN is just a number, not a J1939 message

Parameter Groups (PG) are messages specified in detail in J1939-based profiles specifications. The general specification is given in SAE J1939-21. PGs are identified uniquely by means of the PG number (PGN). In some documents, PGN and PG are used as synonyms: But this is not correct! PG is the message and PGN is just a number. SAE and CiA are committed to clean this up. Therefore, CiA asks ECU suppliers to double-check their product descriptions, data sheets, etc. on the correct use of the terms PG and PGN. If you mean a dedicated PG, for example the Transmission Control 1 (TC1), you should not name it a PGN. The PGN of TC1 is 256 (00 01 0016).

Connected Cars Summit 2019

On April 24 and 25 the 2nd Connected Cars Summit takes place in London, UK. The event brings together industry stakeholders from the automotive industry and telematics data associations, safety consultants, and technology providers. The speakers discuss and highlight present challenges to allow finding solutions of the overall connected car sector.

CAN FD repeaters

With increasing adaptation of CAN FD, the system designers are interested in CAN FD repeaters linking two or more network segments. In the March issue, CAN Newsletter reports about an application note on CAN FD repeaters. The sister publication CAN Newsletter Online wrote about one of the first CAN FD repeaters.

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