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August 2018

A word from the CiA Managing Director

Faked news, alternative facts, and misspeaking are things, which I do not need. I hope, the CAN Info Mail publication service can avoid them. What I also do not need is additional tariffs as recently introduced by U.S.A., China and others. It does not matter, who was first. It matters, who stops first. We asked some members, if they are affected by the U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods. The answers are different – as expected. Some U.S. members will increase prices for CAN-related products, because they use parts and components manufactured in China, which are on the U.S. tariff list. Other U.S. members do not expect any direct impact.

In the last weeks, Asian countries strengthen cooperation with Europe: Japan and the European Community have signed a far-reaching business contract, for example. China has given BMW permission for a joint venture company, which is owned in majority by the German carmaker. This means, there also could be indirectly effects to CAN business caused by the economical struggle between U.S.A. and China. As managing director of the international users’ and manufacturers’ group promoting and developing CAN technologies, I hope that the introduction of new tariffs will not increase further.


CiA-provided education and training services (save the dates)

Webinars (free-of-charge):

Webinar language is English.

CAN FD technology days (free-of-charge):

Presentation language is English.


Seminar language is German.

For further information and registration please write to events(at)

Good to know: CANopen FD with no bit-rate switch

If you do not need the higher bit-rate provided by CANopen FD implementations, you can use the arbitration bit-rate also in the dataphase. This makes the design of the physical network much simpler. Still you can use the higher payload (up to 64 byte) and the improved communication links provided by the USDO.

If you need more information write an email to service(at)

Of course, other technical questions are welcome as well.

CiA staff visits non-members on request

There are good reasons to visit non-members. If you want to learn more about CiA and its services as well as the benefits to be a member, you may ask CiA staff to visit you and they will discuss such topics with you. Another reason could be that you have interesting applications or products, which you like to be reported in CiA’s publications. And there may be more reasons to talk personally with CiA staff.

If interested, please write to headquarters(at)

International standardization

  • ISO 11783-5 (Isobus network management)
    This standard is under systematic review. The new edition is in DIS (Draft International Standard) balloting. Interested parties may contact their national standardization bodies, whether they like to vote on this document.
  • ISO 11992-3 (CAN-based truck/trailer network)
    The systematic review process of this standard has been cancelled, because the timeline expired. The project will be re-started in autumn.

For further information on standardization please write to standard(at) CiA staff is participating in multiple ISO and IEC working groups.

Availability of ISO 11992-1 transceivers

In the last weeks, CiA was asked, who provides ISO 11992-1 complaint transceivers. According to CiA’s knowledge there is only one company producing those chips. We are still negotiating, how the chips can be made available for all interested parties.

Please contact us, if you are interested in such transceivers.

HMS acquired Beck IPC

The CAN Newsletter Online reported about the acquisition of Beck IPC (Germany) by HMS (Sweden). HMS already bought Ixxat a couple of years ago.

CANopen in pharmacies

Do you know that embedded CANopen networks control compact-sized storage systems used in pharmacies and hospitals? The medicine boxes are automatically transferred from the delivering truck into the storage system, arranged internally, and dispensed again at the request of the pharmacist.

If you know other interesting CAN applications, please send an email to the CAN Newsletter editors, so that they can report on them in one of the next issues.

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