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February 2019

A word from the CiA Managing Director

Nobody is perfect. This is why standards and specifications need to be checked on quality. This includes, of course, correctness, but also readability (short understandable requirements, permissions, and recommendations). Terms and definitions should be used consistently and nothing should be hidden between the lines. In CiA, not just the experts in the Interest Groups (IG) and Special Interest Groups (SIG) take care on the quality of the documents, but also the technical staff in the CiA office.

Beginning of February, CiA will inaugurate the IG J1939. Its scope is to improve the quality of J1939 documents in SAE, IEC, ISO, and DIN. Additionally, this IG discusses and submits feature requests and comments to the mentioned standardization bodies. This includes also the ISOBUS (ISO 11783 series) standards. CiA office staff participates in most of these J1939-related groups. This unburdens CiA member companies to be present in all the different standardization groups. It is also intended to provide technical reports and application notes for specific J1939 topics.


Special Interest Group (SIG) CAN XL

CiA members started to develop the next CAN generation. This CAN XL protocol supports payloads up to 2048 byte. The protocol is simplified and the the reliability is improved. The intended physical layer supports bit-rates of at least 10 Mbit/s. All relevant chipmakers participate as well as automakers and Tier1 suppliers. The SIG has established a physical layer task force (TF), which is charged to develop the physical layer details.

Next SIG meeting is scheduled on March 27, 2019 in Stuttgart (Germany). If you like to participate, please contact secretary(at)

Interest Group (IG) profiles

One of the main tasks of the recently inaugurated IG profiles is to double-check the CiA profile specifications on the above-mentioned quality criteria. All existing Special Interest Groups (SIG) specifying CiA device and application profiles are now managed by the IG profiles. It is intended to split the CiA profile specifications in a generic part and parts specifying the mapping to classic CANopen and CANopen FD as well as other CAN-based higher-layer protocols on request. This improves the consistency in heterogeneous network systems.

Recently released CiA specifications

  • CiA 417 series (version 2.3): CANopen application profile for lift/elevator control systems (CANopen Lift)
  • CiA 422 series (version 2.1): CANopen application profile for refuse collecting vehicles (CleANopen)

Members can download these specifications here.

Articles published in the CAN Newsletter Online


CiA-provided education and training services (save the dates)

Webinars (free-of-charge)

  • 2019-02-20: Future of CAN FD cyber security (6:00 p.m. CET)

Webinar language is English.

Regular CiA seminars

If you need CAN-related trainings, please consider requesting an in-house seminar with a tailored agenda. For further information please write to events(at)

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CiA has 651 members (February 6, 2019)

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