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March 2019

A word from the CiA Managing Director

CAN in Automation (CiA) presented at the Embedded World tradeshow a running CANopen FD network with I/O modules from Microcontrol and Peak/Emsa. The host controller from ESD and the human machine interface from HMS implementing the CANopen FD protocol stack from Emtas completed the network. At the CiA stand, the visitors discussed not just CANopen and CANopen FD topics, but also the CAN XL next generation data link layer.

In general, CiA members exhibiting in Nuremberg were very satisfied with this tradeshow. The visitors were interested in different CAN-related topics. This included especially cyber security and the CAN XL data link layer, which is not yet finalized. CAN FD products seemed to be already state-of-the-art. No doubt, the automotive industry is migrating quickly to CAN FD. Even BMW will provide several CAN FD networks in its future platforms. Non-automotive users are starting to adopt CANopen FD. They consider to prepare their products for the improved application layer.

At the Bauma exhibition in April (8th to 14th), we will get an impression, how fast one of the more conservative industry is migrating to CANopen FD respectively J1939 FD (specified in J1939-22). In this industry, cyber security is a must in the mid-term future. Without larger payloads (as CAN FD provides) this cannot be implemented efficiently. CiA exhibits in Munich (Germany) in hall A2, stand 337. There is still the opportunity to exhibit on the CANopen product wall; for details please contact publications(at)


SAE J1939 spring meeting

During the spring 2019 meeting, the SAE J1939 committee and its associated task forces discussed open issues and managed submissions regarding Parameter Groups (PG) and Suspect Parameters (SP) to be introduced in the J1939DA (digital annex). The CAN FD task force continues with a weekly virtual meeting to finalize the J1939-22 document. It includes the multi-PDU concept as specified in the CiA 602-2 specification.

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CAN Newsletter 2019 (March issue)

The CAN Newsletter is downloadable in PDF format as a whole or article-wise. The March issue focusses on modularity. It contains several application-oriented articles including one featuring an electrical-powered aircraft prototype developed by the Nasa. There is also an article about a galvanic-isolated CAN FD repeater reference design.

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