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May 2018

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The CAN community is growing; about 30 new members have joined CiA in 2018. We are looking for further members, especially in the field of commercial vehicles. CiA is willing to support road and winter service equipment manufacturers to standardize CAN connectivity. This includes also any kind of cleaning vehicles such as street sweepers.

Interested parties may contact me by e-mail.


CiA technical groups

  • CANopen Special Interest Group IoT
    This SIG specifies the link for CANopen networks to the IT world. This includes resource management and cyber security aspects.
  • Interest Group CAN FD
    The CiA 601-3 system design recommendation is still under development, because some additional parameters need to be considered.

If you like to participate, please write to

CANopen PLC embedded into strut profile

Barth has integrated its Mini-PLCs into Bosch’s strut profiles (80 mm x 80 mm). The CAN Newsletter will report in its June issue about this product. This issue is focused on applications. Deadline for advertisements is May 20.

CANopen code generator

CAN Newsletter Online reported about Microcontrol’s code generation tool supporting CiA 417 (CANopen Lift application profile) and CiA 1301 (CANopen FD application layer). This well-visited publication is financed by banners.

CiA on Twitter

CiA and some of its members are active on Twitter. This is a good opportunity to inform CAN fellows about news, events, etc.

CAN FD roadshow China

CiA organizes a CAN FD roadshow in China in May. For details see here. Workshop language is Chinese and English. It is free-of-charge.

To register, please write to events(at)

CWT and EU General Data Protection Regulation

CiA’s Weekly Telegraph email service informs its subscribers about news, reports, articles published in the CAN Newsletter magazine and the CAN Newsletter Online. In order to comply with the EU GDPR (effective by May 25, 2018), we need your written permission to send it to you. Please subscribe by email or register on CAN Newsletter Online.

LIN website by CiA

The LIN website is still young and provides yet little information including the ISO LIN Supplier ID list. Editorial contributions are welcome (pr(at)

In Germany, May is larded with holidays

May starts with the Labor Day (1st) and ends with Corpus Christi (31th). Of course, in between there are some working days, too. However, the number of CiA-organized events and meetings is still high. They are all listed on CiA’s website.

If you would like to subscribe to the monthly CAN Info Mail please send an e-mail to mail(at)

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CiA-provided education and training (save the dates)


Seminar language in Krakow is English. Seminar language in Nuremberg is German.

Webinars (free-of-charge):

For further information and registration please write to events(at)

There is also the opportunity to book an in-house seminar with a tailored agenda. You may consider organizing such events for customers and partners.