SIG fire-fighting inaugurated

CiA members have established the special interest group (SIG) fire-fighting. It is going to develop profile specifications for fire-fighting equipment.

The SIG intends to support the standardization activities for fire-fighting equipment as standardized in DIN 14700 (CANopen-based). Additionally, the group specifies dedicated requirements for in-vehicle gateways as already provided by CiA 413 (CANopen) and DIN 14704 (J1939). They will be submitted as new feature requests to the responsible groups.

However, the main task is the development of CANopen profiles for aerial working platforms, liquid/foam containers, and vehicle stabilizers. This includes also the development of functional safety concept covering the vehicle and the body application systems.

The SIG comprises experts from France, Germany, and Japan. Other interested parties may contact CiA office for more detailed information, e.g. a copy of the CiA fire-fighting workshop presentation. By the way, the DIN 14700 and DIN 14704 standards are edited by CiA staff.