SIG reviews specification for truck gateways

The CiA 413 profile series specifies CANopen gateways to CAN-based in-vehicle networks (IVN) deployed in trucks.

The IVNs of trucks are often based on the SAE J1939 application layer and the parameters specified in the J1939 Digital Annex (DA). Additionally, parameters specified in ISO 11992-2 and ISO 11992-3 (two separate truck/trailer links) are available optionally at the truck gateway for bodybuilders.

In January, CiA re-opened the SIG (special interest group) truck gateway reviewing the CiA 413 series. Ulrich Hiermann (Iveco) chairs the group. As some related truck IVN standards have been updated, the CiA 413 functionality needs to be adapted accordingly. The applicability of the upcoming DIN 4630 for body applications on trucks and trailers should be increased. Further extensions of CiA 413 documents are required to support the DIN 14704 (additional parameters for fire-fighting trucks). Additionally, the use of inclusive terminology replacing inappropriate terms, will be considered.

Next SIG e-meeting is in April (2021-04-26, start at 9:30 UTC+2). The CiA members Iveco, ifm, Palfinger, Paar Sanaat Soud, Epic, and Embedded Systems Academy (Emsa) are already working in the SIG. Further companies, e.g. other truck OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and body builders, are welcome to participate in the group and to contribute their expertise and knowledge. For more details, please contact secreatry(at)