Joint CiA stand in Singapore

CiA organizes a joint stand for its members at Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific 2019 (October 22 to 24). CiA members interested to participate may contact publications(at) for more details.

New CiA members

In the first month, several companies joined the nonprofit CAN in Automation (CiA) international users’ and manufacturers’ group. See the complete membership roster.

IG profiles inaugurated

CiA has established the Interest Group (IG) profiles, which coordinates and manages the Special Interest Groups (SIG) specifying CiA profiles for CANopen and CANopen FD.

Next generation CAN protocol

CiA has inaugurated a Special Interest Group, which will develop the next generation CAN protocol with payloads up to 2 KiB. For more details see the related CiA press release.

CANopen Lift profile updated

CiA has introduced the version 2.3 of the CiA 417 CANopen application profile series. For more details see the article in the CAN Newsletter Online.

New version of CiA 422 series

CiA has released the version 2.1 of the CANopen application profile for refuse collecting vehicles, also known as CleANopen. For more details see the article in the CAN Newsletter Online.

CANopen FD - The art of embedded networking

First CANopen FD devices were exhibited at the SPS IPC Drives 2018. CiA made some progress in CANopen FD specifications, which will continue next year. CiA has made a video explaining briefly the benefits of CANopen FD.

DIN 4630 – More than just the link to “clouds”

This CAN network approach specified in DIN 4630 covers also the control of commercial vehicle bodies. This includes applications such as cranes, tail-lifts, refrigerators, etc. For more information, please contact CiA office.

Next generation CAN data link layer

CiA will establish a new SIG specifying the next generation CAN data link layer as proposed by VW. This approach will provide payloads up to 4 KiB. The SIG will be inaugurated in December. For more information, please contact CiA office.

Re-organized Interest Groups

The CiA Technical Committee has established new Interest Groups (IG) and renamed some already existing groups. The IGs are described briefly here.